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Continuing on in our series of FAQ’s to help you, our customer, gain a better understanding of the technicalities of your equipment we have our USB faq.

USB was developed to be a simple and easy to use way for people to connect devices to your computer. Prior to USB it was necessary to power down your computer to connect or disconnect devices. Not only that but a lot of them came with complicated set up procedures all of this was one of the things that was seen to holding back people from fulling utilising their home computers. At the time of writing USB is now at version 3 and is probably the most popular way to make these connections and has met all of it’s original goals of being a simple and easy to use way to connect and use devices on your computer.

What does USB stand for?
USB is an acronym for Universal Serial Bus.

What is the biggest USB flash drive?
This is impossible to answer as it seems like every month something newer smaller and bigger comes along and the information I put here would be out of date. But at the time of writing the biggest USB flash drive is 256gb.

How does a USB flash drive work?
USB flash drives are used by most people in the same way that we used to use floppy disks. They have the ability to store thousands of times more information than floppy disks and are much easier to store and and format. Simple plug them into a available USB Port and transfer the files you like to it or manage existing files that are stored on it through your operating system.

Can I connect my laptop to my desktop with USB?
Yes it is possible to connect two computers together using USB as long as you are within the length constraints of a USB connection. Even though it is possible to connect your laptop to your PC in this way there are other options available.

What is a USB dongle?
A small device such as a flash drive that plugs straight in to a USB port.

How to use a USB flash drive?
Once it has been connected to the computer via a USB slot you can work with it much like you do your hard drive on your computer move, delete, open them etc..

What is a USB connection?
A simple and easy to use interface that allows you to easily add or remove devices without having to power down your computer.

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